Re: To whom it may concern...
Date: 1998-04-06 20:13:51

Hallo allemaal,

Aan 3-04-98 19:32, in bericht 
<>, MagerValp 
<MagerValp@Goth.Org> schreef:

> Here are the ROM part numbers in my Swedish 8032-SK:
>   UA3  EPROM, sticker marked "SW" or maybe "SVT"
>   UD6  901465-22
>   UD7   2516 EPROM, marked "N" or "Z" depending on which way you
>          look...
>   UD8  901465-21
>   UD9  901465-20
>   UD10 901465-23
> The unit's serial number is 07013. It appears to be made in germany
> (sticker marked "FTZ-Prüf-Nr.: C-041/81").

The above list contains four the same ROMS as my German 8032SK and confirms my 
thought: because you don't change the langauge, you don't have to change the  
interpreter. So you only have to change the CHARROM and the keyboardtables. But 
you have to take care of missing characters used in BASIC like the missing @ on 
my German keyboard (replaced by Beta).

Groetjes, Ruud

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