Re: petindex opened

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-04-06 10:18:37

Larry Anderson wrote:
> Finally got to look at the PET index, and it is VERY well done, my compliments!

Thank you. I have just added my PET keyboard layout worksheet. 
It is only a not-so-high quality scan, but I hope it helps though.

> Note: I have started scanning in some of the Memory Maps (including an M/L
> entry point cross-reference) for the PETs and plan to out them on-line in the
> future.  Presently I cannot give you a date yet as I am pretty busy and am
> still thinking on how to format them.  But looks good so far.  (if you just
> can't wait I have  the entry points and the original ROMs in ASCII or Write
> Now 3/4 (Mac) and can attach them on an email if needed.

Probably you could investigate the recomment header format that 
allows re-integrating the comments and labels into a disassembly
of the ROM, for either html or assembler source output.
It is not really human-friendly to read (i.e. the header file), but
the output is worth it I think.


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