Re: 1581 or FD-2000

From: Robin Harbron (
Date: 1998-03-26 10:03:51

MagerValp wrote:
> I'm trying to decide if I should buy a refurbished 1581 ($150) or a
> new FD-2000 ($200). Is the FD-2000 worth the extra money? Has anyone
> ever had any luck connecting either of these to a PET? Is cbmfs for
> Linux capable of writing to 1581 disks?

I love my FD-2000 - it's really fast, and has worked reliably for
the two years that I've owned it.  It very quicky became my
main drive, to the point where I hardly use my 1541/71's
anymore - only when forced to by a game or demo, actually.
The simple fact that it can use the very common and cheap
3.5" HD disks - $6 for 40 MB of storage, when I buy a 25
pack at Walmart :)  Add to that partitions (either 1541, 1571,
1581 or native mode), real subdirectories, extra commands
like CD and MD and so on to manipulate the drive - boy,
I love it :)  6400 blocks free is great too - all my coding
projects always fit on one disk, with space to spare.

So, yes, it's worth the money, and no, I've never hooked
it up to my PET, but I did hook it up to my VIC20, and
it worked fine.
Robin Harbron  <>

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