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From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-03-21 19:52:53

MagerValp wrote:
> I picked up what I thought was a PET 2001 at a local flea market
> today. Now that I'm home I realize that it's a PET 200, aka 8032-SK,
> with a dual 8050 disk drive and an 8023P printer, complete with all
> cables and in perfect working condition. This is great :) A few
> questions that some of you may be able to answer:

Pretty lucky! :-))

>   What kind of disks should I use in the 8050? Are normal 5.25" 48 TPI
>   DSDD disks OK? It formatted them OK but I haven't done any real
>   testing.
How many blocks free are there? I don't have time to look at the manuals,
but I think this is a 500k single-sided double-drive thing?

There has been discussion going on about that recently, and the conclusion
was something like the high density is not working (obviously...),
and that actually higher-than-double (what was the abbreviation again?)
should be used, but...
I would try DD disks.

>   With it came manuals for the disk drive, the printer and BASIC 4.0,
>   but no documentation for the main unit (you know, the "plug in that
>   cable there" manual :). Is that manual missing?

Cool. I don't know if something's missing. Are there electronic 
versions of those docs? Could you make them?

>   Which chip is used for generating the display? 6545? I couldn't find
>   one on the motherboard, but I didn't look very hard. There was a
>   hitachi IC called HD46505 -- could this be it?

It's a 6545 or 6845 CRTC. See
for the Motorola 6845 docs.

>   Whas there ever a PET Programmers Reference Guide? If so, does
>   anyone on the list have a copy of it?

The BASIC is in general CBM Basic 2.0 (like the C64) plus the Basic 4
extensions (disk basic, DLOAD, DSAVE etc, you have the manual)
The hardware description can be seen in the PETdoc file of the
VICE PET emulator - the just released version emulates 2001-8296 PETs. 
I am also preparing an index to PET documentation
which should be out soon too.

>   There appears to be two casette interfaces -- is this the case?
>   Hardly useful, is it?

Well. The first PET had a builtin tape, so I assume they provided a
second interface for external (and probably much different) tape
devices. This has been kept till the 8296. 


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