Re: Educator 64

From: Larry Anderson & Diane Hare (
Date: 1998-03-21 19:50:15

Andre Fachat wrote:
> What is an Educator 64, aka 4064?
> Is it a C64 in a 12" green screen edgy PET case?
> Is it a special PET version?
> Andre
  Yep, a 64 in a later model PET type case.  It sports a  green
monochrome display (probably also from the PET division), and includes a
built-in speaker with volume control.  The intent was for schools who
had bought PETs because of their durability but were more hesitant on
the more fragile looking 64s.

  The 64 board is placed sideways from the way it is on the 64 with the
joyports facing you under the keyboard, the other ports are accessed
from the right side of the case.  You can look at a picture of mine
(propped open) at:

               Larry Anderson

P.S. I think the 64 motherboard is a later version, I tried the early 64
scrool bug test on it and it didn't lock up the machine...
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