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From: Christian Bauer (
Date: 1998-03-21 20:01:15

MagerValp <MagerValp@Goth.Org> schrieb:

> [8032-SK]
>   With it came manuals for the disk drive, the printer and BASIC 4.0,
>   but no documentation for the main unit (you know, the "plug in that
>   cable there" manual :). Is that manual missing?

My 8032 came with a manual (or "Bedienungshandbuch" :-) that
consists of two parts: A "User's manual" that describes the ports, the
keyboard and commands like "DLOAD" and "RUN"; and a "Programmer's
manual" with a complete BASIC reference and descriptions of the
screen editor, the TIM monitor, the user port and the IEC bus.


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