Re: emacs

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 1998-03-18 11:24:55

Well, this is getting a bit far from Commodore 8-bit stuff, but I hope you
don't mind.

> How about this.  Does it fulfill these goals for streaming fast through
> big documents?  Use mouse?

Yes.  Yes.  But if you manage to find a Windows version of it, don't blame
Emacs if it doesn't work very well.  Unix, e.g. Linux, is a far better
programming environment than Windows will ever be, both for writing native
applications and for cross-platform development.

> One thing also, you could highlight a label with the mouse.  And then
> search for it without typing it.  Emacs do these things? 

It's faster to use the keyboard for this.  C-s is incremental search
(isearch-forward), and with C-w you can paste words from the text buffer
to the isearch minibuffer.  Then with C-s and C-r (isearch-backward) you
can jump between the matches.

> As for UNIX, can I download the MANual to disk?  For Emacs.  If so, how?
> So I can have it on hand when running it, to read.

The Emacs documentation is not on the manual pages.  Emacs has its own
online help system, info.  You can get to it with C-h i.  And read the
tutorial (C-h t) to get started.  C-h means Control+H.


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