Re: CBM 8296 programming info

From: Olaf Seibert (
Date: 1998-02-17 14:48:34 (Andre Fachat) wrote:
> In VICE, only the 2001 must be overworked, because it's IEEE488 in the ROM is
> completely broken (well at least load/save), so I have to hack VICE
> to catch this.

Yes, the 1.0 ROMs could not load/save from disk. Only tape. And it
has some timing bugs there too.

Btw, for proper emulation of the 2001, you should make a character ROM
with (for upper/lowercase mode) the upper and lowercase characters
swapped. When they swapped those in the 30xx machines, all programs
with lowercase characters broke. And they turned Li into lI, which
looks a lot worse ;-)

> I hope at least that the stuff about 8096 in PETio.doc is enough, because
> then the 8096, ie.  $FFF0 register seems - to my testing :-) - be fully
> functional.

It should be.

Another thing. This weekend I got a 8032 (a square one, finally) with
some kind of graphics board. Unfortunately I did not write down the
company name it had printed on it. But I don't think it was a VisMem
board (it didn't say so, at least). Also unfortunately the machine
does not work. I guess I should try the board in another machine and
hope that that works.

> Have a look at the next release!

I certainly will.

> Andre
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