Re: Two new PRGs

From: Olaf Seibert (
Date: 1998-02-17 14:54:26 wrote:
> > The 2001 ROMs have a known bug in this department. When scrolling the
> > screen, it ..........
> This reminded me of the existence of a 'KILLERPOKE'on the PETs. But then I 
> didn't own one neither had no SCH. But I cannot even remember where I read it. 
> So if somebody knows, tell me please. Then I can check it with my SCHs.
> Thanks.

The "fast print poke" is the same as your killer poke, I think.
I suppose the problem arises when two outputs are connected to
each other and try to drive the line to different levels. Or so
I'm told - unfortunately I'm not much of a hardware techie.

> Groetjes, Ruud
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