Re: CBM 8296 programming info

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-02-14 14:15:33

Olaf Seibert wrote:
> Last I tried VICE (0.10, it looks like) the PET department was rather
> sketchy still. I suppose it's lots better now.


> > I can probably extend it to a 8296 emulator when I have more info.
> > Do you know the difference between the 8032 and the 8096 and the
> > differences between the 8096 and the 8296?
> It's all in that reference manual. In short, the 8096 is a 8032 with
> an extra board containing 64K bank-switchable memory. The 8296 is a
> motherboard redesign which has 128K and incorporates the 8096 board,
> plus 32K of extra memory which can be used but not without hardware
> mods (for some 4K blocks, jumpers are enough though).

I see. Then I should probably rename that model "8296" to "8096" 
for the upcoming VICE release, where you can choose between
2001, 3032, 4032, 8032 and 8296 PETs (the keyboard can be switched
separately to graphics/business. :-))
I would like to know those modifications, are they described in 
the manual? I could then make a "real" 8296 emulation, not only 8096 :-)
In VICE, only the 2001 must be overworked, because it's IEEE488 in the ROM is
completely broken (well at least load/save), so I have to hack VICE
to catch this.
I hope at least that the stuff about 8096 in PETio.doc is enough, because 
then the 8096, ie.  $FFF0 register seems - to my testing :-) - be fully 

Have a look at the next release!


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