Re: CBM 8296 programming info

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1998-02-23 17:37:50

Hi Olaf!

Olaf Seibert wrote:
> > If you don't already know, VICE contains not only a C64 and a VIC20
> > but also a PET 3032/4032/8032 emulator.
> >
> Last I tried VICE (0.10, it looks like) the PET department was rather
> sketchy still. I suppose it's lots better now.

If I remember correctly, you mentioned to probably build a BeOS 
version of VICE? (Ha, never say something like this voluntarily ;-)))
Well, the upcoming release is a mess. But we plan to clean up 
the next one such that it is much easier to add new emulators
and to add more architectures (like BeOS). 

Shall I keep you posted on that when I think it might be feasible
to more easily have a BeOS version?

BTW, the upcoming release should emulate 2001 (incl. charrom), 3008, 3016,
3032, 3032B (business keyboard), 4016, 4032, 4032B, 8032 and 8096 models.


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