Re: CBM 8296 programming info

From: Olaf Seibert (
Date: 1998-02-13 18:43:57 (Andre Fachat) wrote:
> I would love to have the reference manual. I found petio.txt now, thanks.
> If you could send me the reference manual by email? That would
> be nice.=20

I'll dig it up - I'm sure I must have it somewhere.

> > A 8296 emulator would be very nice! It would not be too hard to make
> > 2001, 3001, 40xx and 80xx versions too - there are only small hardware
> > differences visible from software, after all (6545 or not, 1K or 2K of
> > screen memory, where the number of ghost images varies per model, or
> > something like that)
> If you don't already know, VICE contains not only a C64 and a VIC20
> but also a PET 3032/4032/8032 emulator.

Last I tried VICE (0.10, it looks like) the PET department was rather
sketchy still. I suppose it's lots better now.

> I can probably extend it to a 8296 emulator when I have more info.
> Do you know the difference between the 8032 and the 8096 and the
> differences between the 8096 and the 8296?

It's all in that reference manual. In short, the 8096 is a 8032 with
an extra board containing 64K bank-switchable memory. The 8296 is a
motherboard redesign which has 128K and incorporates the 8096 board,
plus 32K of extra memory which can be used but not without hardware
mods (for some 4K blocks, jumpers are enough though).

> Thanks
> Andre
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