A new blog

So, why should I start a new blog after closing my old one? That is a valid question, although this blog isn’t meant to be a continuation of my old personal blog. It is rather meant to continue my old technobabble blog that I used to have on the now defunct My Opera platform. I am not going to import the old posts here (they already have a home in my archive section), so instead I am making a fresh start.

No promises, but the intention is to post stuff about technology that interests me. There will not be much personal stuff here, that sort of stuff mostly ends up on Facebook nowadays anyway (“or Google+” I was about to write, but I seldom actually post anything on there, I mostly just monitor it), and in the blog I keep for my daughters (invitation-only, please e-mail me privately to get an account set up).

‘Nuff said for now. Until the first actual proper post shows up, here’s the last entry in the old blog.