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Date: 2003-02-02 15:03:07

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> Unfortunately, my German isn't too good, so I ran the description
> through a
> translator to get the gist. For some reason, the results amused me:

The translation result is well.
So I may add only some language-specific new interpretations.

> "C 900 was Commodores response to a question the nobody placed: As
> counterpart to workstations of Apollo or HP he was probably meant. The
> unixaehnliche operating system " Coherent " as well as a Z8000 as

(unixaehnlich = unix likeness)

> CCU were
> even at that time more than diagonal. Result: The device never

diagonal ( was schraeg [in this context] unconventional, a little bit to

> came beyond
> the Enwicklungsstadium. The board is handwired partly still and

( Entwicklungsstadium = stage of development)

> seems up to
> RAM completely (inclusive Z80XX on Doughtercard as well as
( Attention!!! it means "except for the RAM it seems to be complettly")

> original C900 of
> boat Rome). Handwritten notes prove the section as functional. Since

( boad ROM = boot ROM :))) [that's nice.]

> Commodores in a cardboard overslept the fall 14 years unaffected. Whether

The Board has slept untouched in a cardboard during the last 14 years
on which Commodore had been going down. (I hope that is an English sentence)

> to waking up (interfaces are all there) or ideal-proves as ultimative
> showcase model - a piece of history around you each collecting tank
> colleague leg oaths becomes."

( A piece of history around that every collector will envy you.)

> In particular, the sentence "Since Commodores in a cardboard
> overslept the
> fall 14 years unaffected." :)
> --
> Cheers, Ade.
> Be where it's at, B-Racing!

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