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From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 2003-02-02 14:23:19

Adrian Vickers:

> In particular, the sentence "Since Commodores in a cardboard overslept the
> fall 14 years unaffected." :)

Hehe. It really says "for 14 years it has slept in a cardboard box
since the demise of Commodore". Converting German grammar to English
grammar is not very easy, even for humans :)

With reservations that my German is somewhat rusty:

"Wow, they don't make those anymore...

New from the development division of Commodore Braunschweig: The
complete C900 prototype main board!!

The C 900 was Commodore's answer to a question no-one asked:

It was thought as a competitor to workstations from Apollo or HP. The
Unix-like operating system "Coherent" as well as a Z8000 CPU were in
themselves top-modern. Result: The unit never passed the development
stage. The board is partly handmade and seems, except for the RAM, to
be complete (incl. Z80XX on a daughterboard as well as original C900
boot ROMs). Handwritten notes indicates the piece as functional.

For 14 years it has slept in a carboard box since the demise of
Commodore. No matter if to awaken (all the connectors *are* there) or
even ideal as the ultimate display-piece - a part of history that every
fellow collector will envy you for."

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