From: Hatch (
Date: 2004-11-06 11:41:56

> Most consumer level 3d accelerators at the moment have a filled
> triangle as their best supported primitive - you feed the hardware the
> three corners in screen-space, and it fills the contents.  Older
> hardware only supported flat shaded (filling with a single colour),
> then as you go down through the years you add gouraud shading (just
> interpolating three colours at the three corners), texture mapping, and
> eventually modern GPUs let you run a little program per pixel for the
> triangle being filled.
> So yes, everything on the screen is made up out of triangles, at least
> where hardware is involved.  (software renderers can be very different
> beasts..)

So the coder would pass three sets of coordinates to the graphics card
and would get a filled triangle on the screen?  This sound like it would
be very fast for building up an image.

So if I used this method my hardware would have 320 X coordinates
and 200 Y coordinates.  What if one of the points is outside of this
area, say -20,50?  Is the hardware expected to be able to deal with
points outside off 200 x 320 and fill the part of the triangle that is in
visible area or does the coder somehow take care of this?

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