From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2004-11-06 03:43:39

On 3 Nov 2004, at 22:44, Hatch wrote:

> I'm in Brisbane, good to be talking to another aussie.


> Them calculations are more like what I had in mind.
> My idea for the chunky fill is to do pretty much the
> same as EOR but with bytes instead of bits.

That'd be enough to get identical performance as you get from the 
bitmapped mode, only with flatshaded polys from a large palette rather 
than patternfilled :)

>   A
> triangle fill? Besides it being a triangle that's been
> filled, can you go into this any further? Is every
> thing on the screen made up out of triangles?

Most consumer level 3d accelerators at the moment have a filled 
triangle as their best supported primitive - you feed the hardware the 
three corners in screen-space, and it fills the contents.  Older 
hardware only supported flat shaded (filling with a single colour), 
then as you go down through the years you add gouraud shading (just 
interpolating three colours at the three corners), texture mapping, and 
eventually modern GPUs let you run a little program per pixel for the 
triangle being filled.

So yes, everything on the screen is made up out of triangles, at least 
where hardware is involved.  (software renderers can be very different 


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