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Date: 2004-11-04 01:51:23

Yeah, thanks for the input Steve.  I fully agree with your statement about
to many features dooming a project. If I decide to add any claculations I
will add them last and only after everything else is working.  BTW I will 
have to have another read of you artical in C=Hacking, It will probably 
make more sense to me this time around.

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> Hola Hatch,
> > What simple calculations would you suggest or do you think would be
> > the most helpful in speeding up 3D? also if I go for a chunky display,
> My advice is: don't worry about the calculations.  The calculations are
> easy and relatively fast.  It's the rendering that takes all the time.
> That is, there's nothing wrong with putting extras in, and they can help,
> but you're talking about 10% issues.  A multiply routine may or may not
> help, depending on how fast it is and how much data transfer is involved.
> Rotation routines -- routines to update rotation matrices, routines to
> apply them to a vector -- could be useful.  Add a projection routine to
> that, and you've got a very fast 3D calculator.
> But are you sure you want to get into that?  Feature creep has a way of
> dooming projects.
> -Steve
> P.S. A chunky display will make your card useless for anything beyond
>      static graphics, on a C64.
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