Re: C64 graphics card

From: Christopher Phillips (
Date: 2004-11-03 12:57:21

On 1 Nov 2004, at 08:43, Steve Judd wrote:

> Hey Hatch,
> Want to know one of the more time-consuming operations in 3D graphics?
> Clearing the screen.  No matter how fast of a plotting algorithm I 
> have,
> it still takes at least 8*40*25*4=32000 cycles to clear a full screen 
> --
> about two frames.  If you had a way to instantly clear out a section of
> memory...

Do you still do fullscreen clears rather than writing to the screen 
with an eor-plotter?
Or are you referring to the cost of clearing the eorbuffer?

> As to organization, vertical organization is preferred for any 
> plotting.
> That's why people use charmaps.  That is, if you can simply ldy ycoord
> then algorithms become simpler.

True for BOBs etc, but I would have thought less applicable to 3d?

> You can add bitplanes if you want, but they'll be useful mostly for 
> static
> graphics (or very small graphic areas).  Forget chunky modes.  The 
> reason
> is that you just can't push much data around at 1MHz.


> The biggest problem you'll run into?  Finding someone to program the
> thing!  But it sounds like a fun hardware project!

I might be interested...

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