Re: Commodore per 8032 need help please!

From: Martijn van Buul (
Date: 2004-10-20 11:56:51

Jps Antonio wrote:
> Hello please try to help me , maybe putting this on the mailing....
> Well i picked up a commodore 8032.

I'm by no means an expert on the 8032 - I don't even have one myself :-/

I've Cc'ed this reply to the cbm-hackers mailinglist - maybe some of those
wise folk can help you more than I can.

> well after putting it on .. something of very confused appeared on the
> sceen..  something like unreadable caracter.

This probably means that the video logic doesn't get initialised correctly.

> I can hear the buzzer make a beep.

That, OTOH, would indicate that at least *SOME* of the logic board is still
working, and that the processor seems to be doing *something* - that beep
is actively generated, IIRC.

> After this i've tried to remove the three eprom to have it cleaned ... but
> after this nothing.  Maybe i can have putted reversed them in back , atfer
> all checked and reinserted in the right way i have tried to give power...
> well same ... unreadable.

I know that the PETs without the 80-column CRTC (like the 2000, 3000 and "slim"
4000 series) can show weird results if one of the 2 5V-regulators is busted.
Another possible explanation would be that (part of) your RAM is busted. 

That said, I have no clue, never ever having laid my hands on a 8032. Have
you checked whether there are components that get unusually hot?

> I've tried to give it a RUN command but after this the computer it's dead.
> Well now i've a friend that has eprom programmer.
> I will try first to rebunr the eprom and the try.

I don't think the ROMs are at fault. I'd check the RAM and the power supply

> So now...
> Last thing what those eprom are supposed to do?
> Basic or what?

They contain the operating system of the computer - including but not limited
to the BASIC - it also contains the kernal, which is responsible for low-level
things like reading the keyboard, operating the IEE488 bus, etc. etc.

> Can the per work without those eprom?

Definately not.

> Thank you for tring to help me!

I'm sorry I don't have much more advice to offer :-/

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