VIC-TRACKER 2.0 released, loads of new features!

From: Daniel Kahlin (
Date: 2004-10-03 22:02:29


Ten years has passed since the first 0.6 revision of VIC-TRACKER, and
now the much anticipated VIC-TRACKER 2.0 is released!  Version 2.0 adds
loads of new features and improvements over the previous 1.0 and 0.6

VIC-TRACKER is a full-featured tracker-style music editor for the
Commodore Vic-20.  It includes a cross-compressor which produces compact
assembly source code output suitable for inclusion in demos and games.
As of version 2.0 VIC-TRACKER also supports Sync24/DIN-Sync making it easy
to synchronize it to modern sequencers and electronic music hardware such
as drum machines.

I hope you will find this piece of software useful and entertaining.
Please make lots of fun music with it!

Full source code is included ofcourse!

Kind regards
/Daniel Kahlin
Ps. Please forward this to people that might be interested. Ds.

New in version 2.0

* SYNC24/SYNC48 support.  You may now sync VIC-TRACKER to an external
  sequencer/synthesizer/drum machine.
* (SHIFT-)INST/DEL inserts and deletes in the patternlist.
* SHIFT-CLR/HOME clears the current pattern. (After asking)
* Songs may have a repeat step that is different from the start step.
* Rastertime display may be toggled on/off (V).
* Multispeed player, 1x, 2x, 3x & 4x interrupt speeds.
* Sanity checks have been implemented in many places.
* Patterns may be transposed up/down in the pattern editor (C= T, C= Y)
* Arpeggio modes 0, 1 and f are implemented correctly.
* A default arpeggio may be set up in the sound.
* A frequency offset may be set up in the sound definition.
* A default glide may be set up in the sound definition.
* Cut and paste in pattern editor.
* The current pattern may be changed from within the pattern editor.
* The patternlist row that is to be edited may be changed from within the
  pattern editor. (C= N, C= M)
* Sounds may have length.
* New player effect Set Flag.
* New player effect Cut Note.
* New player effect Delay Note.
* The pattern list has a new column allowing the length of the patterns
  to be selected per row in the pattern list.
* Arpeggios may now have up to 16 steps, and have their speed, length,
  and repeat position individually configurable.
* Sounds may be edited.
* Support for both NTSC and PAL interrupt speeds.
* Support for up to 16 different songs in each module.
  (different StartStep, EndStep and StartSpeed for each)
* Pressing C= Q,W,E,R toggles voice 1-4 on and off.
* Error check during load and save.
* Loaded songs are padded with zeroes during load.
* Pressing '<-' in the pattlist editor enters the first unused pattern
* Empty notes (00) in patterns now show '--' and continuation notes (80)
  show '++'.
* SPACE enters an empty value, and moves down.
* SHIFT-SPACE enters a continuation note in the note field.
* The editor cursor is blanked when input is required in the status field
* The cursor is positioned on the same voice when switching between the
  pattern editor and the pattern list editor.
* completely new directory structure

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