Re: English datasheet for Sanyo LC7883M DAC chip wanted

From: Mark (
Date: 2004-09-16 01:57:43

On 07-Sep-04, Thomas Linke wrote:
>> I'd also like to obtain a datasheet for the Western Digital 
>> WD33C93 SCSI controller, or the AMD equivalent (AM33C93). 
>> Anyone know where to find that?
>> I already asked Western Digital, no luck. It isn't on the 
>> site.
> I have the service manual for the A590. there are 4 pages about the
> wd33c93.
> Is this what you need?

Unfortunately not; I have that manual too.

However, I managed to find a copy of the datasheet, which should be useful
for others too. Get it from

-- Mark

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