Re: sx-64 pal ntsc??

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2004-07-12 12:00:06

>>>>> "M" == matt  <> writes:

M> can i mod the roms or replace them with c64 ones??

Yes, you can use standard C64 roms. The only differences in the SX-64
roms are

  * lack of tape routines
  * default to device 8
  * different startup colours

Roms autodetect PAL and NTSC and adjusts the timing accordingly.

M> to fix the 60hz in the 6526??

It's not an issue with the 6526.

M> Or do i need to change the crystals ??

Yes, and the VIC chip, and you might have to do cut a jumper or two on
the CPU board.

M> and what will that do to the CRT (5" TV NTSC)

It'll show a rolling black and white picture, but you should be able
to adjust the vertical hold to get a stable image. To get colour you
will need to replace the video board with one from a PAL unit.

Not that I have tried any of the above, but it should be fairly

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