Re: JiffyDOS and the 1541-II Drive

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-07-11 17:02:52

Jack wrote:

>Has anybody here ever encountered a JiffyDOS revision for the 1541-II
>that doesn't require a switch?  
>I just received a 1541-II with Jiffydos, but no switch.  I've never
>heard of this, so I wrote the seller back, inquiring about it.  He
>replied:  "...the jiffy dos that is installed in your unit does not
>have the switch.  it works automatically when a jiffy dos system is
>used & normal dos operation for non-jiffy systems..."
>AFAIK, only the 1571 and 1581 incorporated autoswitcing. I opened up
>the unit and had a look.  The EPROM is a 27C128. It is labeled
>"JiffyDOS 6.01"  Is this chip for real, or is the guy selling me a
>Thanks for comments
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I have the same thing here, but it's for a SX-64 unit.  The 64 ROM has a 
switch, but the 1541 ROM has no switch.

Can you divulge who you bought it from via email?  We may both be 
getting units from the same person...


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