Re: JiffyDOS and the 1541-II Drive

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Date: 2004-07-11 07:40:31

On Sun, 11 Jul 2004 15:06:33 +1000, you wrote:

>what he means is that you can use a JiffyDOS upgraded drive on a non
>JiffyDOS C64 without any problems. Naturally you don't get the speed
>advantages if your C64 has a stock kernal.

True, but my question was whether there exists an (official) JiffyDOS
chip that resides on a 27128 eprom and does not have a switch. This
query is in reference to whether the chip in my drive was made by CMD
or it's successor, Maurice Randall, and not pirated chip.   

>An original JiffyDOS package normally has both the original CBM DOS and
>JiffyDOS switchable for compatability reasons,...

Then this means that the drive he sold me has a hacked/bootleg/pirate
JiffyDOS chip.  Is this assumption correct?

>... some programs might not work
>with JiffyDOS so at least you can switch it out.

I knew that already.  And this chip lacks the CBM 2.6 DOS so JD cannot
be switched out, correct?  



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>> Subject: JiffyDOS and the 1541-II Drive
>> Has anybody here ever encountered a JiffyDOS revision for the 1541-II
>> that doesn't require a switch?
>> I just received a 1541-II with Jiffydos, but no switch.  I've never
>> heard of this, so I wrote the seller back, inquiring about it.  He
>> replied:  "...the jiffy dos that is installed in your unit does not
>> have the switch.  it works automatically when a jiffy dos system is
>> used & normal dos operation for non-jiffy systems..."
>> AFAIK, only the 1571 and 1581 incorporated autoswitcing. I opened up
>> the unit and had a look.  The EPROM is a 27C128. It is labeled
>> "JiffyDOS 6.01"  Is this chip for real, or is the guy selling me a
>> line?
>> Thanks for comments
>> -Jack-
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