From: Christopher Phillips (christopher_at_jaruth.com)
Date: 2004-07-05 13:15:37

Does anyone else in the galaxy use Fassem, by m.ellis, (c)1984 

I don't anymore, but it was my primary development environment before I 
discovered the joys of cross development - it was yet-another 'extended 
basic with a built in assembler'.  I now have dozens of diskimages full 
of old code that I currently have no sensible way of extracting source 

Of course, using basic for the control structures for generating 
unrolled loops etc was never going to make for sane translation to 
something more sensible, but simple tokenised basic to text lister 
would help quite a bit.  If anyone happens to have a basic lister that 
supports fassem's extra/changed tokens (or is easily extensible) then 
that would save me having to write one!


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