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From: MagerValp (
Date: 2004-07-05 11:59:07

>>>>> "NC" == ncoplin  <> writes:

MV> I suggested that this kind of control was unnecessary, as there
MV> are only two speeds that are useful - 1 MHz for compatibility or
MV> 20 MHz for full speed.

NC> Why wouldn't it be useful? Some programs are fast enough at 4MHz
NC> (eg TurboProcess) where as they might be unusable at 20MHz... I've
NC> not had much need for <1MHz (which TurboProcess, and hacks can do)
NC> but I would imaging debugging might be a geek purpose?

If you need software to run slower, why not insert a delay loop?

Since the flip side of having that kind of control is that you can
also clock it way too high you'll risk damaging the CPU. Together with
the possibility of accidental writes it just didn't seem like a good

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