Re: was Where have all the kernals gone?

From: ken ross (
Date: 2004-06-05 01:06:23

>  Apex Model AD 1201 plays DVDs, cd roms with MP3, JPEGS (lists the
>folders and opens and plays them), Kodak picture disks, also.  Have its
>two RCA cable connections (audio and video plugged into the front of the
>1701 monitor) and control whether I am going to run the DVD player or C=64
>from switch in back of 1701 monitor (front/back switch).
>  1701 monitors give a superior playback for picture on DVD.
>  Craig LeVay

  its just that as i'm used to dealing with VCD format CD's and i know the
commodore billboard isn't  ~ hence curiosity as to what was going on .
( i used some of the adverts in my first comodore VCD's )

we got our DVD player after my aging mac gained VCD toasting capablity ~
then i took a tester into a big dept store then tried it out in various
machines! ~  and the panasonic was the best .
it'll play mp3's but not kodak picture CD's but that's not a great hassle
as it's easy to make VCD's.
also i've got a cheapo  VCD walkman ~ which comes in handy at times & i've
got quite a collection of VCD's .

i've got my 1701 set up as a monitor to use with the digital box ( ditto
front sockets )   ~
digibox : i've used a SCART plug with a set of phono sockets on top and a
long set of leads ~ so my wife can watch the ordinary broadcast stations
while i watch other channel.
yes ~ the 1701 does give a very good picture as a monitor .

i'm in midst of working out a 3rd commodore VCD ~   designed to be put in
to a DVD player  & watched on a TV   ~ a concept that seems to escaped a
few people .


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