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From: Craig LeVay (
Date: 2004-06-04 11:37:11

  Apex Model AD 1201 plays DVDs, cd roms with MP3, JPEGS (lists the
folders and opens and plays them), Kodak picture disks, also.  Have its
two RCA cable connections (audio and video plugged into the front of the
1701 monitor) and control whether I am going to run the DVD player or C=64
from switch in back of 1701 monitor (front/back switch).
  1701 monitors give a superior playback for picture on DVD.

  Craig LeVay

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, ken ross wrote:

> >Ken,
> >  I live in good ole' U.S. of A. and have a cheapo DVD player for $35.95
> >plugged into a $5.00 C= monitor (serves dual duty to my C=64) with a Y
> >cable for audio and the DVD player pulls up the menus and plays the Video
> >CD offering and the jpegs on the disk.  Rather nifty but do not know if
> >Jens planned it that why.  I ain't a technocrat on this stuff and just
> >want thing to "do" rather than trying to figure out why it runs on one DVD
> >player make in a certain region.
> >
> >Craig LeVay
> curiousity satisfied ! .
> the commodore bilboard CD is a plain ISO9660 formatted CD  ~ what happens
> is that your player must be treating as a picture CD  , not as a true VCD
> which has a totaly diferent layout,
> i've just  put it into my portable VCD walkman and it offered me only the
> MP3 files for playing .
> we've got a digital TV box  and i've got my 1702 set up as 2nd  screen for
> it  ~ so my wife can watch ordinary stations & i can watch the digital at
> same time .
> U.S.A ? ~ oh yes ~ the bit tween canada & mexico !.
> ;->
> >Larry Anderson <>
> >
> >They are a bunch of Jpegs and Mpegs, some DVDs (like my APEX one here)
> >can play them with no provlem (they list the folders/file and you can
> >either view them individually or do a slideshow on a folder's contents).
> >  In fact last Vintage Computer Festival I used the Billboard CD ads as
> >part of my Commodore breadbox display.
> i've been tryng to promote a similar concept but with a fully fledged VCD ~
> but it's an uphill struggle as the concept of Video CD to put into a DVD
> player seems to have somewhat escaped some people here in the UK.
> this coming one will be the 3rd Commodore VCD i've created .
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