Re: Where have all the kernals gone?

From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 2004-06-03 12:27:32

They are a bunch of Jpegs and Mpegs, some DVDs (like my APEX one here) 
can play them with no provlem (they list the folders/file and you can 
either view them individually or do a slideshow on a folder's contents). 
  In fact last Vintage Computer Festival I used the Billboard CD ads as 
part of my Commodore breadbox display.


Craig LeVay wrote:
> Ken,
>   I live in good ole' U.S. of A. and have a cheapo DVD player for $35.95
> plugged into a $5.00 C= monitor (serves dual duty to my C=64) with a Y
> cable for audio and the DVD player pulls up the menus and plays the Video
> CD offering and the jpegs on the disk.  Rather nifty but do not know if
> Jens planned it that why.  I ain't a technocrat on this stuff and just
> want thing to "do" rather than trying to figure out why it runs on one DVD
> player make in a certain region.
> Craig LeVay
> On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, ken ross wrote:
>>> Think he was selling them as a set with Jeri for about $15 U.S. for the
>>>set...second CD is a host of C=/Amiga advertisements (some which my DVD
>>>player hooked up to my 1701 monitor plays quite well).
>>>  Craig LeVay
>>i'm curious ,
>>the commodore billboard CD isn't VCD standard  ~ did you burn them onto a
>>new VCD ?.
>>if i'd put my copy into our panasonic DVD player it wouldn't recognize it ,
>>and for people interested in VCD's
>>i'm getting sort of organised to make a 3rd Commodore VCD  .
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