Re: Where have all the kernals gone?

From: Craig LeVay (
Date: 2004-06-03 14:43:23

  I live in good ole' U.S. of A. and have a cheapo DVD player for $35.95
plugged into a $5.00 C= monitor (serves dual duty to my C=64) with a Y
cable for audio and the DVD player pulls up the menus and plays the Video
CD offering and the jpegs on the disk.  Rather nifty but do not know if
Jens planned it that why.  I ain't a technocrat on this stuff and just
want thing to "do" rather than trying to figure out why it runs on one DVD
player make in a certain region.

Craig LeVay

On Thu, 3 Jun 2004, ken ross wrote:

> >  Think he was selling them as a set with Jeri for about $15 U.S. for the
> >set...second CD is a host of C=/Amiga advertisements (some which my DVD
> >player hooked up to my 1701 monitor plays quite well).
> >
> >   Craig LeVay
> i'm curious ,
> the commodore billboard CD isn't VCD standard  ~ did you burn them onto a
> new VCD ?.
> if i'd put my copy into our panasonic DVD player it wouldn't recognize it ,
> and for people interested in VCD's
> i'm getting sort of organised to make a 3rd Commodore VCD  .

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