IEC interface, more progress

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2004-05-31 07:58:51

I now have save and load working, and a server app to talk to it.

Tonight, I got load errors to work, and save errors.

load error is defined as going idle (CLK and DATA HI) after ATN hi (but 
only in between bytes, not during a byte transfer)

save error is defined as going idle before sending another byte.

So, loading and saving is working.  GET and INPUT is next.

The store part seems easy, just read off bytes until x3f.  read seems 
strange.  All I can assume is that the IEC peripheral simply sends 1 
byte at a time, so conversation is

4x 60 byte
4x 60 byte

Before I go pore over the 1541 source, anyone got any information?

As well, this escape protocol keep tripping me up.  Thinking about 
Adrian's idea for a packet, why would

device, channel,  flags, len, data

 not work for such a protocol?


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