RE: A600HD with a PCMCIA card

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2004-05-04 17:58:55

On Tue, 4 May 2004 wrote:

> I think everyone has been lurking... its been far to quite on
> CBM-Hackers :(

Personally, I've encountered a malfunctioning mail server, so half
of the cbm-hackers messages were caught in the local queue and the
other half of the messages were stuck in a relaying server, unable
to contact the final recipient. Some day I should completely move
away from the Uni servers, as they get older and more overloaded
for every day.

When it comes to PCMCIA cards on the Amiga, I have no idea. Does
the specs about SRAM and 4MB hold true for an Amiga 1200 as well,
in case I would ever encounter a such memory card?

Anders Carlsson

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