Re: HPIB bus commands

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2004-04-14 08:19:06

On Tue, Apr 13, 2004 at 12:01:31PM -0700, Larry Mollica wrote:
> I don't have the HP manuals handy right now. The instruments we are working
> with are HP RF gear, like signal generators and spectrum analyzers. There
> seems to be some bus commands common to all of the HP RF gear I've seen so
> far, the one I recall is ASCII "?"

That would be 0x3f, or UNLISTEN.  There's a special ROM entry for sending that

> All of the HP bus commands I recall seeing are in the range of printable, or
> in some cases control characters.

Most CBM bus commands are printable as well.  Sometimes the high-order bit
is set.


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