RE: Commodore Modems - C1660 and C1670

From: Mike Paull (
Date: 2004-02-10 11:41:27


As well as what is mentioned below there is also an AT command that allows
you to set DCD true all the time rather than actually check the line. It is;

AT&C	DCD signal always on
AT&C1	DCD indicates when carrier from remote modem is present

Issuing an AT&V should show many of the parameters as they are currently set
so if you issue it before changing the DCD value you can see if this is the
cause of your problem.


> >I'm guessing the US version of the C1670 modem cannot detect the
> >Australian "ringing tone", either wrong frequency or to soft... does
> >anyone know? I did have to re-solder a connector to the board, but as
> >dialling works I figure everything is properly soldered?
> Not necessarily,  you can blow the Carrier Detect gate without affecting
> anything else.
> Warning: on the 1660 used on a Plus/4, you must open the jumper on the
> bottom near the connector, or you definitely will blow the Carrier Detect
> gate.

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