Re: Disks / software for VOICE MASTER

From: Rodolfo Leal (
Date: 2004-02-10 04:49:00

At 08:01 p.m. 09/02/04, wrote:

>Hi All,
>I've recently acquired (yet to receive) a Voice Master Speech recognition 
>unit, but it comes without the software. Does anyone have it and would 
>they be kind enough to email me D64(s) of the disk(s). Will costs if you 
>don't have them in soft format...

Hello Nick,
    I have the Voice Master 4.0 in D64 format.  I've e-mailed to you in a 
separate message.

>Also, the manual apparantly doesn't go in to in depth programming. If 
>anyone has some extar info about this it would also be appreciated.

     I checked the user manual and it gives a tour on using the VM -Voice 
Master- module to handle the hardware. Basically, it adds extra commands to 
BASIC. As you suspected it doesn't go too deep. It gives a brief 
description on how the joystick port is used, along with a section on 
memory use and a memory map. I haven't read it throughout to have a full 
grasp at the concepts. I think that disassembling the VM module might prove 
useful to fully understand the hardware, though I haven't done it.

                 Rodolfo Leal

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