RE: Commodore Modems - C1660 and C1670

From: Mike Paull (
Date: 2004-02-09 04:08:37

Commodore Modems - C1660 and C1670Hi Nick,

Well being that the C1660 is a 300 baud modem i'm not sure you'll find any
BBSs that support such a low rate, you might be lucky. I couldn't find a
simple list of Australian BBS numbers to try, however the Fidonet BBS
network still exists and maintains files with details on their members BBSs.
Have a look at

The 1670 is a hayes compatible modem so there can be a few things that could
cause it to do that. I'd get into terminal mode and issue an AT&F ( reset to
factory default ) and then an ATX4 ( recognise dialtone, busy signal etc )
and finally try dialing your BBS number with ATDT <phonenumber>

If that doesn't work, try ATX3


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  Hi All

  >>Anyway, you won't cause any exchange meltdowns :)

  Ok, so no melt downs... but I did have some problems... I had both a C1660
and a C1670 to try. The C1660 did most of the right things. I was using the
"Common Sense" software (which by the way makes no sense to me... boy,
telecommunications was horrible back then....) and it worked fine with
respect to dialling out, waiting etc... but I had no real BBS number to
actually connect to.

  Then I tried the C1670.... even with the latest version (which is meant to
be 1670 compatible) it refused to give me the dial option. So I tried some
other software, FAST-TERM which were supposed to be 1670 compatible. These
worked as far as waiting for the dial tone, then dialing the number, but
rather than waiting for an answer they immediately show "CONNECT" without. I
mucked around with the jumpers (3 jumper model) but no change...

  I'm guessing the US version of the C1670 modem cannot detect the
Australian "ringing tone", either wrong frequency or to soft... does anyone
know? I did have to re-solder a connector to the board, but as dialling
works I figure everything is properly soldered?

  Any thoughts / suggestions welcome
  - Nick

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