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Date: 2004-01-21 20:19:16

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>And if you do manage to solder the new lead to the stub, I also suggest
>to use two-component epoxy glue to mechanically reinforce the structure.
>Otherwise you'll find yourself re-soldering that lead agin and again,
>while you have already overheated the silicon die.
>As for "sacrificial chip", if you don't have a broken one, take a nc
(non-connected) lead >from some logic IC or such thing.

I've kept the chip in case it is one that it is needed, but I suspect the
kind of precise soldering involved is beyond my abilities.  To be honest,
the only thing I've ever soldered before are power supplies, so I'm going to
have do a fair amount of practicing (not on the PET!) just to replace the
cap that's gone, never mind fixing the ROM.  I was hoping that if the ROM
turns out to be something essential, I might be able to get someone (for a
suitable fee) to burn a new one for me, though that's assuming blank ROMs of
the right type can still be obtained...  Anyway, hopefully it won't come to


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