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Date: 2004-01-21 17:27:15

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> > I also managed to break a pin off one of the ROMs through one of my
> > clumsy attempts to remove it and clean it :(  
> I have had good luck replacing broken IC pins like that.  I take a
> good pin from a sacrificial chip and solder it to the stub.
> It might not work for you unless you have a steady hand, but it is
> something you can try.
> -ethan
In addition to the steady hand, I would also suggest
- good quality flux
- fine soldering iron

And if you do manage to solder the new lead to the stub, I also suggest
to use two-component epoxy glue to mechanically reinforce the structure.
Otherwise you'll find yourself re-soldering that lead agin and again,
while you have already overheated the silicon die.

As for "sacrificial chip", if you don't have a broken one, take a nc (non-connected) lead from some logic IC or such thing.

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