RE: VIC 20 web server

From: Davison, Lee (
Date: 2003-11-21 16:16:57

> I wonder if uIP + the web server from Contiki would work together,
> or maybe you have your own software on its way (in the 8K ROM)?

It's my own code. I've done it to learn about embedding TCP/IP and
while what Adam has done with uIP and Contiki is amazing, I would
have learn't nothing from just running a port of it.

> Would an 8-bit ISA adapter be able to connect other 8-bit cards?

It should, I have SCSI, LPT: & COM: port and VGA cards, all 8 bit,
to try out sometime.

> You might want to do a C64 version of the ISA adapter too, as the
> C64 market/community is larger than the VIC-20 ditto.

I don't want to sell it and there is already a C64 ethernet cart.
Still I do have a few C64s as well as the VIC.

> BTW, does the 3c509-series work properly in 8-bit mode?

The 3C509 doesn't, the 3C509B and above do.

> Typically NE1000/2000 compatible cards seem to be the best bid.

Compared to the Ne2000 type the 3Com cards are very easy to
program .... Once you manage to pry the datasheet out from the
fingers of 3Com. 8^)=


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