RE: VIC 20 web server

From: Davison, Lee (
Date: 2003-11-21 16:26:26

>> How many people would be interested in a VIC 20 web server?

> Me!

And you makes three. 8^)=

>> Would an 8-bit ISA adapter be able to connect other 8-bit cards?

>Almost certainly.

As I have it it only supports 1k of I/O mapping ($0000 to $03FF) which
covers just about every non PnP card I've seen. If memory addressing
were needed that could perhaps be arranged as 256 x 256 byte pages or
something similar.

>> BTW, does the 3c509-series work properly in 8-bit mode?

> .. I can say that one of the reasons I _don't_ support the 3c509
> is that I couldn't get it *out* of 8-bit mode...

If this is the straight 3C509 then it had problems, with the 'B' and
later you have to pull the 16 bit line down below 0.6v to make it work

> Drivers for serial and line-printer would be trivial.  The only
> other 8-bit cards I ran across were odd things like FM-tuner
> cards, and the occasional EPROM programmer controller.

An awfull lot of VGA cards (Trident etc.) were only 8 bit in spite of
their 16 bit edge connectors. The same is true of a lot of sound cards.


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