Re: VIC 20 web server

From: Ethan Dicks (
Date: 2003-11-21 15:43:56

> On Fri, 21 Nov 2003, Davison, Lee wrote:
> > How many people would be interested in a VIC 20 web server?


> Would an 8-bit ISA adapter be able to connect other 8-bit cards?

Almost certainly.

> BTW, does the 3c509-series work properly in 8-bit mode?

I make the GG2 Bus+ ISA adapter for the Amiga, and I can say that
one of the reasons I _don't_ support the 3c509 is that I couldn't
get it *out* of 8-bit mode (it seems to need some sort of magic
bus twiddling to convince it that the bus is really 16-bit).

> Typically NE1000/2000 compatible cards seem to be the best bid.

Those _are_ the easiest network cards to talk to, especially if
you don't have DMA support (like the GG2 Bus+)

Drivers for serial and line-printer would be trivial.  The only
other 8-bit cards I ran across were odd things like FM-tuner
cards, and the occasional EPROM programmer controller.  Most
people wanted more serial ports, printer ports, networking
or IDE disk (well... they wanted sound cards and video cards, too,
but those weren't feasible).

There are a few 8-bit SCSI cards (e.g. Trantor T-128), but personally,
I think it'd be easier to bolt a 5380 or 33C93 directly onto the
VIC-20 bus and drive it that way.


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