RE: VIC 20 web server

From: Davison, Lee (
Date: 2003-11-21 15:24:07

Hello Ruud,

>> board), and a 3Com 3C509b TP card. 

> I'm interested. Just happen to have this card laying right on my desk :) 

Ok so I'll start making something up for the website...

Now, apart from using the VIC sound to make a "ping" noise every time
someone sends an ICMP echo request to it, can you think of anything
usefull to do with it? I was just going to hang some lamps off the user
port and make a web page that had some radio buttons to turn them on
and off and perhaps have a temperature sensor and/or a light sensor
that would get reported. Can't think of much else yet.

The software (what there is so far) works in VICE but not on my real
VIC 20 (perhaps it's poorly?) but with any luck I can get it to do ARP
and ICMP echo request by this weekend.

This would take much longer if I had a life. 8^)=


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