Problems with CatweaselMKIII card, any experiences?

From: Loo,W.A.v. (
Date: 2003-10-06 11:50:47

Sorry, I forgto to enter a new subject, let me try this again. Sorry sorry


Now I'm busy with this list, let me ask a question too :)

last week I bought a Catweasel card to transfer data between my pc<->64,
transferring disks to the pc is very fast and reliable. But transferring
stuff back to 5.25 is not.

it looks like only part of the disk is actually written. Sometimes the
directory is there, but when you try to load, the file is corrupt (I
made a
testfile for the Pinball Dreams game, which should load from $0801-$4xxx
somewhere ;) but instead it loads from $0fe7 to $11xx)..

I'm using the new Catweasel MKiii and windowsXP, using imagetool to
disks. My drive is a Matshushita one.

anyone got experience with this? 

(btw, I noticed especially the first number of tracks are not written,
looks (to me) like the drive needs to spin up, but the software is
trying to write, and thus fails the first couple of tracks)


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