Re: RetroReplay/RR-Net + REU problem
Date: 2003-09-30 20:03:11

Quoting Niklas Ramsberg <>:

Howdy Nicklas,

I found that problem with certain of the cartridge expansion boards when I 
switched from a C=64 and upgraded to a C=128.  Earlier or some brands seem to 
want to boot a C=128 into 64 mode no matter what unless you turn the board 
off.  It was an unbranded brown expansion board with a fuse on the end and a 
red square reset button.  When I switched to a CMD expansion board, the problem 
went away and could use in in 64 or 128 mode.

Anyone else run into this problem with some expansion boards?

Craig LeVay

> I bought a Datalux SV-703 cartridge expander in the hope of being able 
> to use my RetroReplay/RR-Net combo together with my 512K REU, but so far 
> they're not happy together.
> The expander has three ports and a switch that switches +5V (pins 2 & 3, 
> which are shorted on the card edge), GAME (pin 8) and EXROM (pin 9). All 
> other pins on all ports stay connected all the time.
> When I switch to the RetroReplay, everything works fine, but the 
> computer doesn't recognise the REU. When I switch to the REU, the screen 
> goes blank and the disk drive keeps spinning with the read LED on. The 
> REU works fine when I physically remove the RetroReplay.
> The latest RetroReplay firmware is supposed to be REU friendly.
> Is it possible to hack the expander to make it work as expected?
> I use a PAL C128 with JiffyDOS if that makes any difference.
> /Niklas Ramsberg

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