1571/1581 (RE: Commodore 16)

From: Raymond C. Bryan (raycomp_at_visi.com)
Date: 2003-09-24 03:27:43

I used the 1581 to develope assembly routines on the Vic20 and to run 
programs from on the autobooting Plus/4 but I have not used the 1581 
with a c16 - do recall that the 1571 boots into its 2Mhz mode at 
startup (+/4 supports 2Mhz but not the burstmode so it talks at the 
regular 1mhz AFAIR)  but when the non-burst mode commodore boots it 
resets the drive chain and that puts the 1571 into 1541 mode (as does 
opening a channel and printing to that [Open 15,8,15,"u0 > m0"}

>I once "discovered" that the VIC20 had problems also with the 1571 
>(and is also officially not compatible with the 1581). I also some 
>problems making 64HDD 100% robust with the C16/Plus4.
>After some testing the issue is not as complex as it first appears. 
>I believe it is in the sequence in which the 1571 drive is booted 
>relative to the computer. If the 1571 comes up in the 1571 mode it 
>had a problem. If it came up as a "1541" then it was Ok. I forget 
>the actual sequence which gave the most robust start up, I think it 
>is drive on first, then computer.... the 1571 manual has the 
>Peter Karlsson wrote:
>>  BTW, is there any reason why my Commodore 1571 shouldn't work with the
>>  C16? It seems to have severe problems even reading the directory.
>>  Sometimes I get nothing, sometimes just the disk title, sometimes a few
>>  files. No errors are indicated.
>It should work fine AFAIK. One of my friends used a 1581 which I guess is
>pretty similar from this side.
>Are both the drive and the computer tested with other computer/drive?

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