Re: Commodore 8250 PET double disc drive

From: ken ross (
Date: 2003-09-08 22:20:31

>>>Dean  wrote at some point in past,
>>I have a problem with my Commodore 8250 double disc drive. Drive 1 has a
>>problem and constantly gives read errors.

>i had a 8250LP briefly  many years ago ( i loaned it out - never heard back
>from guy )  .
>it had some reading probs .
>there's a couple of lines of basic that flips it to single sided 8050 drive .
>it worked in my case .
( gosh i'm quoting myself ! )

Commodore disk drives can use any DD disk, whether it's single sided or
double sided (flippable), and as most people only have single sided drives
the direction of travel of the other side isn't important. However, we
people with double sided drives, (8250 & 1571), have to turn our drives
into single sided to read them properly by running a bit of BASIC.

10 open15,8,15
20 print#15,"m-w"chr$(172)chr$(16)chr$(1)chr$(1)
30 print#15,"m-w"chr$(195)chr$(16)chr$(1)chr$(0)
40 close15


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