Re: Commodore 8250 PET double disc drive

From: ken ross (
Date: 2003-09-04 21:37:09

>I have a problem with my Commodore 8250 double disc drive. Drive 1 has a
>problem and constantly gives read errors. A computer techinician had a
>quick look and seemed to think that it's basically an age problem and
>perhaps the little wires which control the head are breaking down.

is he having you on ?
sounds likes he's waffling !.

i had a 8250LP briefly  many years ago ( i loaned it out - never heard back
from guy )  .
it had some reading probs .
there's a couple of lines of basic that flips it to single sided 8050 drive .
it worked in my case .
will sort them out as soon as etc .


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