From: Rainer Buchty (
Date: 2003-08-28 19:50:50

> I know we're terribly off-topic now, but I recently read a report
> on transition costs for heavy duty MS Excel users. Many of the more
> advanced macros are difficult to translate into OpenOffice, and as
> it is quite common with complex macros developed over several years,
> the time and money costs to translate these in particular would "eat"
> any gain you otherwise would've got from a system change.

Oh, then better use gnumeric -- they (i.e. /.) say it now supports all
Excel functions and scripting.

> So, if anyone is developing Commodore Office, make sure to try to
> emulate Excel macros as good as possible, as it may be one of the most
> important reasons to stay loyal to Microsoft-ware.

Better not tell Matthew Montchalin and Wildstar -- they'd see a new mass
market on the horizon :)


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