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Date: 2003-08-25 22:46:20

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> Which brings us to the question where we still can get 6502 (NMOS, not
> CMOS) in the various speed grades (I wasn't aware, that there was ever an
> NMOS 6502 faster than 2MHz? And no, the 65C02 is no option for me as it
> lacks the illegal opcodes.)

I have to say that I have never used a 6502 at a frequency higher than 1MHz,
but in fact 3MHz and 4MHz NMOS parts do exist, according to the datasheet
information and to my personal experience (the 6502 C in my VIC 20 and many
6502 B I found in devices like 1541 drives).

> Looks like this market is now all in the hands of people selling
> replacement parts for old machines for a ridiculous amount of money?

I think so :-(

Maybe you should try to buy some cheap peripherals with NMOS 6502s inside
and, if you are lucky in finding faster CPUs, substitute them with standard
1MHz ones and resell the peripherals (if you don't need them, of course!).
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